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Tickets still available.
Full price CHF 750.- (early-bird* CHF 650.-) / Student : CHF 500.- (early-bird* CHF 450.-) *early-bird until 03-30-23

Example: Rue de la Terrassière 44

Please specify the international code: Example 0033 or +33


student fee applies to students under 25 and with a minimum study time of 50%. Attach supporting documents

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Additional cost: CHF 150.- for 4 lessons of 75/90 minutes (depending on the number of participants)
Program will be announced later, everybody brings their picnic
Tuesday from 6:00 to 7:30 pm : presence on the spot, management of the stock and personal cash box
I certify that I have read the terms and conditions of registration, including the article about the image right, and I accept them.
* which may include rhythmics exercises, aural training, improvisation, or plastique animée
monday July 17, 2023
tuesday July 18, 2023
wednesday July 19, 2023
thursday July 20, 2023
friday July 21, 2023